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  K e r a m i k s t u d i o n   i n   T o r s h ä l l a   has now closed - opens again Thursday 10 Jan. 2019.  WELCOME!


 For the second year in a row, my garden lamps are included in the TV4 program "Så mycket bättre" (autumn 2018).



October 2018.
I have recently been assumed as a member of Konsthantverkscentrum.

Konsthantverkscentrum is a professional organization consisting of
770 craftsmen from all over Sweden. Read more!




T o r s h ä l la   m a r k e t  i n  t h e  a u t u m n  2 0 1 8: 15-16 sep, 10-16.

K e r a m i k s t u d i o n  i s  n o w  o p e n .  W e l c o m e !  (t h u r s d a y - f r i d a y  1 4 - 1 8, s a t u r d a y  12 - 16)



E v e n t s   d u r i n g 
 2 0 1 8 :

31/3  Torshälla Art Round

10/5 - 13/5  Öppna Ateljéer in Gotland
  (Open Studios in Gotland)

R e t a i l   d e a l e r s  of my ceramics:
          Söderbönans Kaffe och te, Eskilstuna
          Galleri Fiskhuset, Nyköping
          Galleri Sjöhästen, Nyköping



My garden torches were seen in the TV program  "S å  m y c k e t   b ä t t r e"  in october  2017 on TV 4.




From week 43
I open my
studio i Torshälla, Storgatan 23.
Business hours
: Thursday - Friday 14:00 -18:00
(Other times by agreement)
Tel: +4673-651 31 53




2.12 - 20.12

3.12 - 23.12


  I N   D E C E M B E R:

I parcipitated  in  Gallery Sjöhästen   in Nyköping in the exhibition  "J U L K U L"

I parcipitated  together with  Hantverksgruppen i Sörmland  in our Christmas Exhibition  in  Hamnmagasinet i Nyköping



LottaMari Eriksson  -  Keramikstudion   -  +46(0)73-651 31 53  -     -  www.keramikstudion.com