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I wanted to be a picture teacher and met the clay . .

The year is 1994 - and I decide to invest in a profession when I grow up. . .
Eskilstuna Folkhögskola has a new line, Picture, Color & Form, which I was accepted to.
My idea is to become an picture teacher.

So we met for the first time, the clay and I. A chorus of happiness without it`s like appears
and at present the desire is stronger than ever! The idea of being an image teacher were
put on the shelf and I decided, against all odds to  become a potter.

Since 2001 I have a workshop and gallery in Torshälla and since 2015 a summer gallery
in Gotland.

Working with the clay is an inexhaustible source where I get energy and
which I cannot or will not live without.



LottaMari Eriksson  -  Keramikstudion   -  +46(0)73-651 31 53  -     -  www.keramikstudion.com