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                                                                                                                                                                                                                    i n  s w e d i s h
 utility ceramics "Stenstrandsdrömmar"
 utility ceramics "Kalkstensdrömmar"

In my gallery you will find a variety of
candlesticks for indoor and outdoor use,
stoneware pottery in two series,
Stenstrandsdrömmar  and Kalkstensdrömmar
- and every now and then a jewel. . .

My design language is simple.
My way of working is characterized by precision
and accuracy. Finding the design language
is a long journey within the creation process.

Welcome to my world!




C A N D L E S T I C S  









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 U T I L I T Y   C E R A M I C S
" S t e n s t r a n d s d r ö m m a r "









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As a little girl I dreaed of becoming an archaeologist. The small button fossil I found after hours
of searching at the pebble beach in Kappelshamn in Gotland. My beach find was an imprint in the
clay and a symbol of my love for the beautiful pebble beaches of the island.

 U T I L I T Y   C E R A M I C S
 " K a l k s t e n s d r ö m m a r "








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Dazzling white limestone, the gray lambs and the beautiful stone walls.
And matte black reminds me of the Middle Ages.
O N E - D E S I G N








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